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Are you looking for a free Airbnb course and training that will help boost your revenue as an Airbnb Host? If so, AirbnbSecrets’ Free Email Course was made just for you.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Dany Papineau and I’m an actor/filmmaker based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In 2012, I found myself on the verge of bankruptcy after spending 10 years of my life directing and producing my first feature film 2 Frogs in the West. My house went up for sale to clear my film debts. My realtor told me that I should rent out our home on Airbnb to supplement my income until we find a buyer.

Since then, I’ve generated over half a million dollars on this website. 

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As of this writing, my listings are all legal and I currently have over 802 positive reviews on my own profile from hosting more than 4000 Guests.


Airbnb changed my life.

But getting there was not easy.

When I came out publicly to promote AirbnbSecrets in early 2015, my government jumped on me as if I were a criminal, sending me a $62,000 Airbnb hotel tax bill along the way.

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For many reasons that I explain in this free Airbnb course, I truly believe this tax bill belongs to Airbnb so I’m currently fighting this bill in court.

On my journey, I’ve learned so many costly lessons the hard way that I only wish I could have found a more experienced Host who could have shared his or her Airbnb knowledge with me to avoid all pitfalls of being a pioneer user of the new sharing economy. Based on this unique experience, I’ve created a free Airbnb course that I will send you via email designed for both newbies and experienced Hosts who want to learn important information about all steps of renting their home on Airbnb.

This Airbnb course is totally free and it includes important information about legalization, taxation, and maximization of your income as an Airbnb Host.

Here’s what you will learn in this free training:

How to Host on Airbnb Legally?

airbnb course guest tipsWhile Airbnb is not considered illegal in itself (it’s only a web platform connecting Hosts and Guests), it might be considered illegal to rent your home for less than 31 days in your area. Some cities may even prohibit certain types of short-term rentals altogether and if you host on Airbnb without applying for a special permit, your government might even be jumping on you as if you were a criminal.

I will show you all the steps you need to do to legalize your Airbnb listing and educate yourself about taxation matters, wherever you are located on Earth. Being informed on legalization and taxation will allow you to have a peace of mind while running your successful Airbnb business for years to come.

What Is the True Value of your Home on Airbnb? 

Airbnb Course home value

If you are going to become an Airbnb Host, might as well aim at becoming a successful one. To do so, I highly suggest you start studying the Airbnb market today to see if you are charging an accurate price for your listing.

To help you with this, I’ve created a video that will teach you the research techniques that I use to find the value of any home on this website.

This way, you will be able to learn the research techniques you must use to discover the true value of your home on Airbnb. This information will be crucial to crush your competitors and make the most money while renting your home on this website.

How to Use Airbnb Referrals To Get Thousands in Travel Credits?

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When I became an Airbnb Host in late 2012, it changed my life so much that I would tell everyone about it – my friends, my family and even strangers I met in parties. I was like, “have you heard of this website called Airbnb? You can make so much money with your home on this website, it’s crazy. You have to check it out!”

There is one thing I didn’t do back then though.

At the time, I never bothered giving them my Airbnb coupon code, which I realized years later, was a costly mistake on my end.

You can earn as much as $5000 US in travel credits on Airbnb so let me share with you my best strategies on how to use Airbnb’s referral system to generate thousands in Airbnb travel credits. By using this technique, you could even travel the world for free during your next trip as a Guest, which will educate you on how to become a better Host.

How to Get Free Airbnb Photos That Could Double Your Income Overnight?

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Professional imagery is one of the most important aspects to sell anything online, including rentals of your home on Airbnb. Generally speaking, listings with beautiful photos receive more interest from Guests, which leads to more bookings and which leads to making more money for you and Airbnb. So let me show you how to get free Airbnb professional pictures and how to take amazing photos yourself to possibly double your Airbnb income overnight.

8 Secrets to Boost Your Airbnb Ranking as a Host

Airbnb course Ranking

Airbnb’s search engine is a bit like Google because it uses a search algorithm to rank all listings. And the more your listing will appear at the top of searches, the more chances you can book your place with Guests. So let me teach you my best-kept Airbnb ranking secrets that will allow you to rank your listing at the top of the Airbnb search engine.

Ranking high on Airbnb is the best way to boost your Airbnb income all year round.

And This Airbnb Course Includes So Much More. It’s a Pure Income Boosting Training Designed Specifically to Your Level of Airbnb Expertise

Whether you are a new or very experienced Host, this free Airbnb course is entirely tailored to your level of Airbnb expertise. Meaning that depending on where you are on your Airbnb journey, I will share with you specific information that will help you get to the next level as an Airbnb Host.

A Word From Dany Papineau

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“Airbnb changed my life in a way I never expected and in this free Airbnb course, I will share with you via email hard-to-find Airbnb knowledge I’ve learned the hard way as a pioneer Host.”



Sandra - Nassau, Bahamas

We went from no bookings when I started your training to making over $9,000 of Airbnb bookings in the last few weeks because of your AirbnbSecrets course!



Dario - Athens, Greece

This is the best property listing course that I can think of. Two Days after I placed the listing on Airbnb, I got a booking!



Matthew - Texas, USA

I just followed Dany's instructions, which he outlines in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 format.

Yes, this Airbnb course is 100% FREE and you simply need to enter your email to sign up. See you in class! 🙂

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