Amazing Airbnb Guest Tips & Etiquette for Dummies (VIDEO)

Share37Pin4TweetShare41 SharesAre you looking for Airbnb Guest Tips & Etiquette? If so, keep reading. As a busy Airbnb Host, I’ve hosted thousands of Airbnb Guests in my homes. Based on this incredible journey, I thought I’d share my best Airbnb Guest tips & etiquette with you....

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Are you looking for Airbnb Guest Tips & Etiquette? If so, keep reading. As a busy Airbnb Host, I’ve hosted thousands of Airbnb Guests in my homes. Based on this incredible journey, I thought I’d share my best Airbnb Guest tips & etiquette with you.

To some people, Airbnb horror stories are fun to hear.

Lately, I’ve heard several nightmare stories of fake Airbnb Hosts creating fraudulent listings. Usually, these fake Hosts feature new listings with no reviews whatsoever and when a new Airbnb Guest gets in touch with them, they suggest that the two parties arrange the booking away from the site in order to not pay the Airbnb commission. The day that the Airbnb Guest shows up to check-in, it turns out that the accommodation doesn’t exist and the fraudster is long gone with the money. And in such a situation, the Airbnb Guest can’t claim anything from Airbnb because he or she has never booked within Airbnb; he or she wanted to save a few dollars of commission, remember?

So dummy!

To avoid having your own Airbnb horror story, here are some great tips to keep in mind:

Airbnb Guest Tip #1 – Always Book Within Airbnb

To complete a booking, Airbnb charges a 3% booking fee to the Host and 6 to 12% service fee to the Airbnb Guest.

Airbnb’s fees might feel expensive to newbies but it’s actually very affordable considering what they offer. Thanks to these fees, Airbnb is now a $30 Billion company that offers a peace of mind for both Hosts and Guests. Currently, all of Airbnb’s bookings worldwide include the amazing Airbnb $1,000,000 Host Guarantee that covers both parties if anything bad would happen during a reservation. Depending on where you live, some reservations might also come with a $1 Million USD Host Protection Insurance programme, which currently provides primary coverage for Airbnb Hosts, in over 15 countries.

Of course, all of this protection falls apart if you book outside of Airbnb.

As a new Airbnb Guest, if you are interested in booking a new listing that has no reviews, I encourage you to do it. I’ve booked these types of listings several times and it’s always been a great opportunity to get a good deal since many new Hosts offer a reduced price when kickstarting a listing. But if a new Host is inviting you to bypass the Airbnb payment system by sending him wired money or anything that seems fishy, simply run away. Stop all conversations with that criminal and move on to contacting honest Hosts that will let you book within the Airbnb payment system.

It’s that simple.

One key safety point is that Airbnb securely holds the Guest’s payment and only transfers it to the Host 24 hours after the Guest has checked-in. This means that in the rare event that there is an issue with the accommodation or the Host, your Airbnb Guest’s payment will be safe and Airbnb’s customer support team could immediately arrange a replacement accommodation.

Airbnb Guest Tip #2 – Create A Likeable Airbnb Profile

Airbnb is a community.

To seduce Hosts into booking with you, you need to create an likeable profile with your real picture on it.

Airbnb is all about building trust so getting verified by adding personal info and even getting reviews from friends who already use the service can up your chances of booking your first successful trip.

Airbnb also features an awesome referral program that works great for Hosts and Guests. Make sure to watch this video to learn how to create your a likable Airbnb profile and feel free to use my referral link if you do not have a profile yet since it will give us both an automated travel discount on our next Airbnb booking.

Airbnb Guest Tip #3 – Learn How to Use the Airbnb Website

The Airbnb website contains many functionalities that can take quite a bit of time to understand. To skip the learning curve, watch this video to learn how to safely complete your first booking as an Airbnb Guest.

Airbnb Guest Tip #4 – To Get the Right Price, Enter the Right Dates and the Right Number of Guests

As instructed in the video, prior to booking a place, make sure to use the calendar to check availability of the listing for your travel dates.

If you contact the Host to book for one person, don’t assume that someone else can stay with you for no extra charge. Many experienced Hosts charge more money to book extra Guests. If you want to get the right price for your trip, you have to enter the right dates and the right number of Guests.

Airbnb Guest Tip #5 – Read the Listing & the Reviews

When Guests message me asking, “are there good restaurants nearby?” or “how far is the nearest strip club?”, I always find these questions annoying. Sometimes I want to ask them if they have thoroughly read my listing because most of these answers can be easily be found if he or she would have taken the time to read my listing description.

Experienced Hosts spend time and effort into building a complete listing for you to enjoy, so make sure to read everything prior to messaging the Host. When researching listings, make sure to also read several reviews.You’ll learn exactly what to expect as a Guest and you’ll discover whether this Host is a good fit for you or not. Nobody’s perfect so pay attention to negative reviews, because you might find important information about the listing. Feel free to ask the Host if the problems mentioned in the negative reviews have been settled for good.

And, I know you want to find out the answer to the very important question above, which for some is a matter of life-and-death: yes, we have 4 strip clubs, which are around just 10- minutes walk from my place and you can ride an Uber and get there in less then 5 minutes.

You gotta love Montreal.

Airbnb Guest Tip #6 – Communicate with your Host

Having great communication with each other is one of the best Airbnb etiquette to develop both for Hosts and Guests. Unless the Host uses Airbnb’s Insta Book option, most listings require Guests to contact Hosts before completing a reservation. As a prospective Guest, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

When introducing yourself, quickly explain the purpose of your trip. Are your travelling with grandma for a funeral or with your group of 20-year-old friends for a bachelorette party? While communicating, tell the Host about your needs. If you do intend to party, be honest, even if most Hosts won’t tolerate such behaviour.

By the way, don’t behave like a princess. Royal behaviour is a great way to terrify potential Hosts who will ignore you because you won’t be worth the extra pain to manage. If you have any special requests that won’t require a ton of effort from the Host (handicap accessibility, extra parking), feel free to ask, but if you demand fresh flowers and mint chocolate on your pillow, you might have a hard time booking a listing on Airbnb.

Hosts always have the final decisive power to accept or refuse your reservation.

You have to seduce them into booking with you.

Airbnb Guest Tip #7 – Book Quickly

Don’t leave Hosts hanging for hours.

When finding a Host and listing that fits your requirements, complete the booking as soon as possible. Busy Hosts receive several booking requests per day. I personally run my Airbnb business as a first-come, first-served service. You might be waiting for the best Airbnb deal but if you’re too slow to book, you will lose me. Don’t take it negatively if a Host has booked the place to someone else because you were taking forever to book. Next time, be quick.

Airbnb Guest Tip #8 – If there’s a Problem, Mention It

During your trip, continue communicating with your Host a few days prior to your arrival and let them know if you plan on arriving on time, early or late. If there’s a problem during your stay, let the host know as soon as possible. It’s unfair and unreasonable to publicly complain about a problem when it has not been reported and the Host might not even be aware of it. Many problems can be fixed on the spot, so rather than writing a bad review later, politely discuss the situation with your Host.

Airbnb Guest Tip #9 – If You are Sharing a Host’s Home, Be Mindful of Your Behaviour

Some Hosts rent the entire home while others share their homes with Guests. If you are sharing a home, you might have to share the washroom too. It rarely presents a problem, unless an unmindful Guest is in there for an hour while a Host is waiting to head out to work. Does that sound like great Airbnb etiquette to you? I don’t think so. If you’re sharing a bathroom, just ask your host when they tend to use it in the morning, and try to be accommodating. It will be appreciated. Don’t play loud music. If you cook in the kitchen, clean up after yourself and be respectful of other Guests, if there are some. You do not have to hang out with your Host so if you intend to come back home late at night, be quiet and respectful of others when you arrive.

Airbnb Guest Tip #10 – Think of Your Airbnb as Your Best Friend’s Home, Not a Hotel

This is probably one of my best Airbnb etiquette tips for new Airbnb Guests.

When you stay at a hotel, you can be as sloppy as much as you want without getting in trouble. From leaving towels on the floor to not making the bed, hotels are like a teenage boy’s dream come true. Some concierge will even tell guests, “don’t clean up your mess sweetie — our minimum wage staff will clean the room for you!”

Yeah right.

I have question to ask you.

Would you let strangers sleep in your bed?

Most people are creeped out by this idea but Airbnb Hosts allow strangers to sleep in their beds everyday. A person’s home is not a hotel and you have to respect that. Respect the Host, the property and the neighbours.

Just imagine if your best friends would lend you their home for a few days. Would you give it back all dirty and disgusting? I hope not. Even if a cleaning fee is included in the Airbnb reservation, be considerate and do some light clean up before leaving. The Host will still have to do the laundry and tidy up the entire place. The more you respect your Host’s home, the more the Host will leave you a great review and the easier it will be for you to rent another home the next time you want to travel as an Airbnb Guest.

Airbnb Guest Tip #11 – Gifts are Not Mandatory (But Hosts love Them)

Some Guests bring chocolate from Switzerland, wine from France, or maple Syrup from Vermont. As much as I love these gifts, no Guest should ever feel obligated to do that.

That said, Rosé might inspire some Hosts to write great reviews.

Airbnb Guest Tip #12 – Leave a Fair Review

At the end of your stay, take a few minutes to leave your Host a great review if you’ve enjoyed your stay.

Any Host that has opened up their home to you will really appreciate it when you leave a review.

No need to write a novel; just write a few lines to mention what you think about the home and the Host would be enough. If you have a some negative feedback, make sure to cool down first to be fair in your criticism because once you leave a review, you will never be able to change it. Your review will help future Airbnb Guests make a better decision about booking the place or not while helping the Host improve his or her hosting experience based on your feedback. A Guest with a good reputation and stellar reviews is more likely to find accommodating Airbnb Hosts in future stays. All you have to do is be a decent Guest during your first Airbnb booking – and each subsequent one.

Airbnb Guest Tip # 13 – Keep the Airbnb Phone Number in your Contact

Have you ever tried to call Airbnb? Good luck with that.

Their phone number can be next to impossible to find so here’s the Airbnb phone number for your country.

Put in your phone’s contacts right now, as it could become very useful when using Airbnb as a Guest.

Airbnb Guest Tip # 14 – Get my Free Email Course

Airbnb has a steep learning curve and it will cost you lots of time and money to try to learn everything on your own. I currently offer a lot of free Airbnb tips via email to empower Airbnb users all levels. There’s so much more to know and there’s so much we can get into on the tactics.

So I’ve created this free email course. It’s totally free and you just need to enter your email below to sign up.

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