10 Airbnb Tools & Apps I Use as a Multiple Six-Figure Host

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Would you agree that a hammer is a must-have tool for anyone wanting to build a house? If so, you’ll most likely agree that Airbnb Hosts should also equip themselves with some must-have Airbnb tools & apps to build their successful hosting business. 

Hammers are to houses just like apps are to Airbnb. To maximize your Airbnb income as a Host, you need to find low-cost tools that will not only help you deliver a great experience to your Guests but will also free up a lot of your time so that you can manage your Airbnb remotely from anywhere on earth – including a beach in Mexico.

There are countless Airbnb tools and apps available out there and here are the Top 10 that I use as a Host.

Airbnb Tool #1: Airbnb App

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #1

This one is a no-brainer. Every Airbnb Host needs to have the Airbnb mobile app installed on their smartphone or tablet. For your Airbnb listing to rank high in Airbnb’s search algorithm, you need to reply within one hour to a Guest’s first request. Although I prefer to use my laptop to complete my bookings, this app will allow you to reply instantly to any Guest request directly from your pocket, which will help you rank higher on Airbnb. If you want to learn more on how to improve your Airbnb ranking, make sure to read my 7 Secrets To Boost Your Airbnb Ranking as a Host blog post.

Airbnb Tool #2: August Smart Lock

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #2

I’ve recently installed the August Smart Lock at my Stylish Country Home by the Lake and now I use the August app to remote manage this listing. Upon connecting his or her Airbnb and August accounts, a Host can authorize specific codes that Guests will have access to during their stay. Once the reservation ends, access to the Host property is automatically revoked. To top it off, the Smart Key Pad software just got updated and you can now change your door code remotely with the app. This Smart Lock is very useful for Hosts and I’ll soon install it on my other properties.

Airbnb Tool #3: Evernote

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #3

You can get Evernote for free and it is so helpful that it has become an extension of my brain. I use it for so many things in my digital life, including as a high-tech notepad to store all my Airbnb pre-written messages in there. But it’s so much more powerful and I haven’t even gotten to use all its features yet. Still, I use it countless times a day for Airbnb and for AirbnbSecrets since it’s a must-have tool for research, note-taking, and even for accounting.

Airbnb Tool #4: Receiptmate

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #4

This accounting app is only available in selected countries and it can be buggy but hey, it’s only selling for $3. Receiptmate allows users to take a picture of any receipt and scan it instantly to store as a PDF in Evernote. At any time, you can export all your financial data in an Excel sheet to produce an expense report in seconds. You can even categorize expenses with it. In my case, I know exactly how much expense I have for each ones of my properties. Going through my $62,000 Airbnb Tax audit has taught me many lessons and one of them is that paper is an archaic way to store accounting information. Putting together all the paperwork needed for my audit took me months, which was a huge waste of time and money since I ended up hiring an accountant at $50 an hour just to scan years of receipts manually to send them in digital format to my auditor. Since then, I’ve eliminated paper from my life and I’ve transferred my entire accounting online. Every single paper receipt that can be considered as an expense for Airbnb and for my other businesses is scanned daily through Receiptmate and stored in Evernote instantly. If I ever got audited again, I could produce all the material needed for an audit in minutes from a beach in Mexico since my entire accounting is now available on all my devices live in the cloud.

Airbnb Tool #5: Scannable

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #5

Who needs a scanner these days? Scannable is another free app that was invented by the people from Evernote. Think of it as a scanner in your pocket. I use it to digitalize any piece of paper and then store it in Evernote or on my Google Drive.

Airbnb Tool #6: Google Drive

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #6

Here’s the pitch. Google Drive starts you up with 15 GB worth of free online storage, so you can store any file like photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – anything. And for only $2 a month (which is the option I use), it will give you access to 100 GB of data. If you even need more space, $10 a month will give you access to 1 Terabyte worth of storage. My entire Airbnb accounting from the past years and the history of all my entrepreneurial projects are saved on this drive and I can access my data from anywhere on earth.

Airbnb Tool #7: Google Trips

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #7

Google recently came out with their own travel app that makes it easier than ever to plan and organize any trip. It automatically maps out a half-day or a full day guide, with suggestions on things to see and do, which can be very useful for Airbnb Guests who are new to your city. If they don’t like what they see, they can tap the “magic wand” to see more nearby sights. Each tap of the wand gives a fresh set of nearby attractions. Because I find it helpful for my Guests, I now include a link of this app in my house instructions and in my welcome message.

Airbnb Tool #8: F.lux

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #8

You know how a computer screen is kind of blue at night? Well that’s bad for your sleep. The F.lux app automatically adjusts the color of your screen to prevent computer-induced insomnia, which is something everyone nowadays deals with. This app really comes handy for me during those times when I need to reply to my Airbnb Guests at night. It’s free and I have it installed on all my computer devices.

Airbnb Tool #9: Netflix

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #9

Cable is so 1999 – that’s why I don’t have it in any of my properties. Instead, Netflix is installed on all of my TVs and electronic devices. It’s about $10 a month and there are tons of content for my Guests and I even can use it for myself no matter where I am on earth.

Airbnb Tool #10: Uber

Airbnb tools & Airbnb app #10

When I’m out of a car, I use Uber to get around when I leave home. I also use it when I travel and even refer it to all my Guests who are in need of an affordable ride from the airport. Uber is the Airbnb of taxis. It’s available in 200+ cities worldwide and if you don’t have an account yet, here’s my referral link. It will give you a free ride on the Uber app worth up to $15. You can also just use the code ‘mu7f7’ to sign up. Once you open your account, you can also start referring Uber to your Guests with your own referral link. Many Guests arrive from the airport and if they don’t have an Uber account yet, this will give them a free ride to get to your place. To top it off, just like Airbnb, Uber’s referral system will give you money for each referral which could generate you thousands of dollars in free Uber rides for the years to come.

Airbnb Tool Conclusion

As you probably know, Airbnb has a steep learning curve and it will cost you lots of time and money to try to learn everything on your own. I currently offer a lot of free Airbnb information via email to empower all types of Airbnb users. There’s so much more to know and there’s so much we can get into on the tactics.

So I’ve created this free email course. It’s totally free and you just need to enter your email below to sign up.

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  1. Jo

    I’m wondering, what’s the trick to have Receiptmate on my iPhone in Canada? 😉

    1. Dany

      Hey Jo, yeah getting Receiptmate in Canada is a pain. Try setting your App Store (if you are on Apple) to the USA store. I’ve downloaded this app over a year ago and if I remember correctly, that’s what I had to do to install on my iPhone and iPad back then. That said, I use it everyday. It can be buggy but it changed my entire way of doing accounting.

      1. Jo

        Hi Dany! Changed my country to USA, but no luck, not sure if Receiptmate is still available in the States… I just found Expensify, a little bit overkill, but I’m currently trying it and so far so good!

        Cheers, Jo

        1. Dany

          I’ve tested about 10 different services before officially choosing Receiptmate. Most other services are indeed overkill and some them were also way more expensive. I’m not sure why they only seem to make it available in the States.

  2. Hugues Gontier

    This is a great list, thank you! Have you heard of Party Squasher? It is a little magic device that helps hosts prevent party disasters. Check it out on partysquasher.com.

    1. Dany

      I’ve read an article about it but never got to try it. It’s an interesting concept. Too bad they are forcing a yearly membership on this type of device that could have been a one time fee for buying it. Every tech company is trying to tap on memberships but I’m not sure if it’s the good approach for this type of product. Also, not sure if you work for this company but if so, perhaps you could offer a 10$ a month subscription option – at least for the second year – while still offering the 99$ a year option. I think this would make the product seem more affordable for Hosts who don’t host full time. Just an idea in case you work there. 😛

      1. Hugues Gontier

        Hi Dany,
        Yes, I do work for the company who invented Party Squasher 🙂
        Thank you for your feed-back and suggestions. Below some elements that I hope will answer your comments:
        Party Squasher is a cloud-based service with SMS alerts. This is why we do not offer a one-time fee.
        With the first year subscription we decided to offer the sensor for free, and therefore don’t propose monthly subscriptions at this time
        for the first year.
        Regarding your suggestion for the following years let me share it with the team 🙂

        1. Dany

          Sounds good. Good luck with it!