How Much Is Your Home Worth On Airbnb?

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Would you like to know how much is your home worth on Airbnb? If so, I highly suggest you start studying the Airbnb market today, first of all, because it will accomplish 2 things for you:

1 – You’ll discover who are your biggest hosting competitors for your type of listing in your area.

2 – Wherever you are on your Airbnb hosting journey, you’ll find out the true market value of your home on Airbnb, which is very important information for any Host wanting to make the biggest profits from his or her bookings.

Watch this video to discover the research techniques I use to analyse my competitors’ nightly pricing and to estimate the monthly income of any Host by analyzing their calendars.

By the way, as you probably know, Airbnb has a steep learning curve and it will cost you lots of time and money to try to learn everything on your own. I currently offer a lot of free Airbnb Host tips via email to empower all levels of Airbnb Hosts. There’s so much more to know and there’s so much we can get into on the tactics.

So I’ve created this free email course. It’s totally free and you just need to enter your email below to sign up.

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