How to Build a Stunning Listing from Scratch? (Part 1 of 3)

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One of the basic aspects of maximizing the revenue of your home on Airbnb is learning how to build an irresistible listing that will convince countless quality Guests to book with you right away.

To give you a taste of the AirbnbSecrets Course is all about, I thought I would share with you this video that will show you the first step-by-step procedures to follow to create a successful Airbnb listing from scratch.

I know, this is just the first video of the entire course but hopefully, you will pick up a few tricks and at the same time, it will give you an idea of my coaching style.

To my knowledge, no other Airbnb course on earth will take you step-by-step behind the Airbnb curtain to show you how to operate the Airbnb website and empower you instantly as a Host and if you enjoy this video, you will love the complete course.

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  1. Ron

    Great video! My question: I already have an Airbnb account as a guest with reviews. Would you recommend to create a second host account to not mix them together?

  2. Dany

    Just use the same account for both. You will start accumulating both Host and Guest reviews under the same account. Even more, your own Guest reviews could even help build trust with your first Guests as a Host.